My Hero.

Some people are really stumped when they are asked "Who is your hero?" But I have no doubt in my mind on who it is.

We knew each other as children.
Friends at the beginning.

(insert awwww)

He was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma November 9, 2011. I was the first one he told that was outside his family. (Thats how close we are guysss.) I was so shocked, I never dreamed anything like that would happen. I promised I would be with him through it all. The sad thing is, we live 2,353 miles away from each other. So I couldn't physically be there, but I was always there if he needed someone to talk to. It made me more than happy when he took advantage of that and came to me for everything he wanted to talk about.  

As much as I wanted to be strong for him, it always seemed like he was being strong for me. (Like what?) He was always the one telling ME "It's okay. Its going to be okay. I'm going to be okay." What a kid! And throughout his treatments he always seemed to keep a positive attitude. ALSO throughout his treatments he managed to get straight A's. This kid is amazing okay. I'm telling you! AAANNND he got a scholarship to go study at Oxford University this past summer. And don't worry. He went into remission March 27, 2012. :) My boy is cancer free!

We are very best friends. We tell each other everything. I feel so comfortable around him and I feel like I can be my 100% self when I talk to him. He is my fashion consultant. We are soul mates and read each other's minds. And to be honest, we are absolutely hilarious. I don't know what I would do without him!

My hero is smart.
My hero is strong.
My hero is a cancer survivor.
My hero is my best friend.
My hero is Anthony Alvarez.



Its here! Its finally here!
I never thought this day would come.
Yesterday was Lagoon Day for 9th graders. It was basically the best. ever. I hung out with a bunch of cool kids. Don't worry. :) And then right after we got home from that I went to Seven Peaks with Leesa and Camryn! Woot. and today was the first official day of Summer! My family and I went on a picnic. It was super fun and delicious.
Here is me with my adorable siblings:

Oh I just love them! Happy day to you all :)



Tonight..... was great. I hung out with a bunch of guys and a really good girlfriend of mine and we had a blast. I stayed out til 9. (pretty late for a school night) and yeah. It made me want summer so bad. Where we could've stayed out later. And when we were driving home all the windows were down and 'We Are Young' came on the radio and we cranked it up and sang our hearts out. Amazing. My heart aches. Summer, please.. PLEASE come faster <3



Holy crap. It's May. How my life flies by.. I feel like I should take pictures to celebrate the joy I am feeling. (Because summer is approaching!) Maybe later. Eh. I'll see what I can do :)


A Lil' Suhm Suhm.

If this isn't your castle,
Then you aren't my prince. <33
Keep it in mind :)
Happy Sunday!